Selecting The Right Third Party Logistic Provider

When it comes to selecting a 3rd party logistic provider you should be as detailed as possible when requesting a quotation or information. The selected company should fulfil all the logistic requirements required of them although this is only ensured if all the requirements are communicated clearly to the 3PL company. The requested information should include detailed information on the areas which need to be outsourced. This may include:

  • The scope of what the contract is about. This should include departments, facilities, and locations.
  • Volume information which may be involved. This includes number of items, warehouse sizes, and the number of delivers etc.
  • The type of logistic tasks that are required which may include things such as transportation and warehousing etc.
  • The performance level which is required.

After this information has been received by the company, it is then evaluated to see whether the third party logistic company is suitable for the requirements that the business needs. These may include, but aren’t limited to

Once the business has worked out the final details on what the third party logistic company has to offer for their price, they can then select one according to their needs which is then followed up by a final agreement between the two companies.